June 1 marked the start of the Atlantic Hurricane season. Recently we’ve witnessed the cyclone in Myanmar (Burma) and the earthquake in China. Weather events especially tornadoes have been ongoing in the USA. Working with the weather and other earth events has been part of my spirituality since hurricane Andrew hit South Florida quite some time ago. This post is an effort to draw our healing intentions to these phenomena and do our part which is totally crucial. First a healing focus:

  • Safety, recovery & healing for all affected by the Myanmar cyclone, China earthquake, USA tornadoes.
  • Committing to a serious personal responsibility on environmental concerns & climate change & holding those in power accountable with our voices, demanding action.
  • World food prices to normalize & shortages to correct.
  • Oil prices to normalize & correct.

Here’s how we’re all a part of the challenge and the solution.

The sudden cataclysms that occur in nature, creating havoc and mass injury, are not ‘acts of God.’ Such disasters result from the thoughts and actions of man. Wherever the world’s vibratory balance of good and evil is disturbed by an accumulation of harmful vibrations, the result of man’s wrong thinking and wrong doing, you will see devastation….

Wars are brought about not by fateful divine action but by widespread material selfishness….When materiality predominates in man’s consciousness, there is an emission of subtle negative rays; their cumulative power disturbs the electrical balance of nature, and that is when earthquakes, floods, and other disasters happen.

–Paramahansa Yogananda

My good friend Bonnee has some beautiful ideas to share regarding all of this:

The more practitioners that join together doing Reiki for change (for the greatest good of all sentient beings) the more intense the results.

Winds and fires are angels at work, waters purify and cleanse. Angels of destruction help us understand our errant thoughts, words, deeds.

This is ultimately the result of wrong focus. Self absorbtion. Too much focus on money, greed/lack causing imbalance. Nothing seen as sacred.

All is Love and we are in Grace. So ultimately all we need do is be that…Love. Love earth, each other, ourselves and all unconditionally.

Weather, earth & humanity