Soul is the human being’s operating system. Your computer has an operating system that makes it work. Additionally, it has specific software for e-mail, documents or graphics. And all of it works together with the hardware of drives, monitors and keyboards.

Your soul is your operating system. One kind of software you have is the ego. Another is the mind, or wetware, which includes the brain and the nervous system. The physical body is of course your hardware.

It can be easy to miss the soul, because unlike Windows or Mac OS, its logo is much muted. It doesn’t shout out its presence when you look in the mirror. When you look in the mirror, you see a round or square face, perhaps a crooked nose and full lips. And your face needs to be shaved, or made up, your hair needs combing and your body covered in clothing.

What covers your soul? Is it your skin? Perhaps you think your soul is elsewhere, waiting in some standby mode while your body gets used up and your mind gets more and more lost. When, helpless at last you die, you’ll be reunited with your soul. Is that what you think?

You can’t deny your physical body, it’s so there, all your senses tell you it’s alive. You’re able to experience your feelings and emotions everyday too. And you have enough self-awareness to track at least some of your thoughts. “I’m a thinking, feeling, breathing being,” you say. And you are!

Yet without your operating system what would you be, what would animate you? We bandy about this word “soul.” We talk about soul music, soul kitchen, soulful, soulmate, and good for or feeds my soul; it has soul, or what a great soul. Certainly, soulfulness can infuse daily experience: going below the surface, finding depth, meaning and connection, being inwardly warmed by intangibles. We tend to seek such moments, but too soon, a deadline or crashing chore closes the opening, the entryway, and the expansion of our set perceptions skids to a halt.

The moment is then gone, it disappears, perhaps to appear never again. But the soul doesn’t go away, it doesn’t disappear or disconnect. In fact, soul is always present. It beckons, guides, and experiences all you do, feel and think. Soul is inseparable from you. It commiserates all your losses and cheers all your successes. Your every pain and sorrow is a chance for your soul to befriend you more. Your every joy and celebration is forever cherished by your soul.

Gillian Lindsay – Limelight, Light Imitating Art Series

Without the soul, you’d be hollow, rudderless, without wisdom. Your eyes would be dull; no evidence of light in you would exist. Your skin would be sallow and your voice mechanical. You wouldn’t display even simple intelligence. You’d be unoriginal, without qualities and talents. You’d have no power, no love, nothing to give and receive. You’d always be hungry, never sated, interminably bored and irremovably sad. Beauty would elude you and you’d be perpetually tortured. You’d be collapsed and invisible and no breath of life could give you dimension.

Since none of these are true, for you are reading this and it stirs you, and since soul is the very source of your being, then surely your forgetfulness and indifference are harmful to you. You attend to a thousand insignificant things a day, thinking that the damage would be too great if you didn’t. Yet to soul memory, you give only a random glance.

Yes, the soul is shy and sensitive. It is subtle and plays hide-and-seek with us. It prefers a rarefied atmosphere. Always approachable and willing to build an aware relationship with you, its language is intuition. Intuition bridges the gap between the soul and the ego’s thoughts and sensations. Of fine vibrations not found in the material realm, its colors are gossamer, not merely pigment hues. The body is usually not conscious of the soul, but the soul is aware of the body. Soul is present from the very pinpoint of conception and continuously directs the shaping and growth of the physical form, and the individual. The soul commands certain cells to become brain or muscle tissue. With conscious intelligence behind it, the body develops in symmetrical fashion.

The soul’s nature is pure bliss and wisdom. Human intelligence models soul intuition. To illustrate progressively: the soul’s directing intelligence creates mind, then the senses, then the body.

Since soul comes first, it makes sense to put it first in our life. As soul has the blueprint for the body, it has the blueprint for your entire life. It is an awesome databank that contains all of your potential and the power to actualize it. Ever watchful, it is an insider helping you understand life, your place in it, your work here, opening the right doors, creating the right circumstances, meeting the right people to bring to fruition your purpose. Soul is your essence, your very spark of life. It functions as a wellspring of all your qualities and talents, inspiration and creativity, your uniqueness. It is a map, a resource, a GPS, a ray forever lighting your way through the eons.

All you have to do is get quiet, get close, and be open and willing enough to hear your soul whisper its harmonics to you. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll have come home to the hearth where it’s warm, blissful, loving and eternal. Thus, you’ll find yourself and all suffering will be gone. Go now and receive the blessings of your soul.

© Pamir Kiciman 2007

No weapon can pierce the soul; no fire can burn it; no water can moisten it; nor can any wind wither it.

— The Bhagavad Gita


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