Reiki to increase gas mileage

Today I purchased gas at $3.79 & 9/10ths (what’s that all about?!) using a website that helps you locate the best prices in your area.

More to the point, I’ve increased my gas mileage from 23 mpg to 25.4 mpg using Reiki. OK now I’ll be harassed by big oil and Detroit (NOT! Only a joke, that’s not my reality.)

Here’s how:

  • When pumping keep your Reiki hand on the pump and intend better gas economy.
  • Use Jakikiri Joka-ho (method for cleansing objects) on your car, intending that it burns fuel efficiently, that all car parts related to fuel are clean, work well and efficiently.
  • When driving direct Reiki ahead of you so traffic flows, you get all green lights and there’s no stop and start.

It also helps to practice these commonsense steps:

  • Consolidate your trips.
  • Make sure your tires are inflated to the right pressure.
  • Don’t carry excess and unneeded weight in your car.
  • Drive below the speed limit.
  • Accelerate slowly and evenly.
  • Accelerate going downhill.
  • Don’t weave in and out.
Reiki for Gas Efficiency

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