Rather than respond to Meredith’s excellent comment (definitely read it!) with a superb quote from Lama Gendun Rinpoche, posting this seems like a better idea.

Some of my writing here is from many, many moons ago, from a time I was able to distill some spiritual nuggets, and also verbalize the drama I had healed, having moved past it in radical ways. This is the first public appearance of these condensed expressions. I’m sharing them here as a way to relate. I feel others will either remember similar moments, or be smack dab in the middle of one!And you may be wondering when I may write about Reiki. Well, Reiki addresses the human condition. We are all in pulsing in the human condition. So I’ll share a poem of mine from that period:


Everybody has to start somewhere
What has happened
To live like a wound spring
is the greatest folly
So begins the inroad to life’s wonder
Can you see
Can you hear
It is calling from the depths
like a thunder of compassion
A lightning bolt of love that flashes
Until it is felt

We are struck down to our knees
onto the cut-glass velvet
of knowing who we are
Until we know we are more
We are raised to our heights
the silver and gold
tarnished from inattention and absence
Much time goes by
With cut-up knees adorned
by a silky care for the heart

Up or down
each time we bring something back
to help us know how much more of what

Up and down
Until we settle into the high ground
of the truth we find at each end

© Pamir Kiciman 2007

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