The original prayer is creation itself. As created beings we are a prayer onto our own. Prayer here means the lived experience of sacredness, not its usual religious context. Sacredness isn’t confined to one aspect of life. Sacredness has always been the single thread that runs through life. Sometimes this thread is visible, consciously enhanced and cultivated. Sometimes it’s invisible and purposely ignored.

The call is that no matter what we’re primarily engaged in, there’s opportunity to serve the people around us. This could be a service of education, financial help, empowerment, consciousness-raising, healing, community, family matters, the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, the addicted and so on. Within our respective fields also, even in seemingly unrelated environments such as business, service is readily available for seeing eyes.

To serve is a simple process of feeling and understanding suffering in ourselves and others.

Our feet are in the dust, i.e., the earth element. Our hands are at the level of the heart, the seat of compassion. Together with the feet, the hands carry out action or service once we’re willing.

There’s nothing we can’t overcome, personally or collectively, but we must become master blenders of the dust and the sacred, spinning at the precise pivot point of Divinity in expression and action.

To serve…

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