It’s interesting that ‘help’ is both a verb and a noun. Perhaps you’re in a place in your life where you feel, “I must get help!” That would be a ‘noun’ state of mind. It’s even a major step to feel you want or need help, to allow that to percolate up to your awareness. And perhaps it nags at you, but you tolerate it. How many things do you tolerate? The dripping faucet? The dull pain? The heartache. Lack. Your job. Whatever it is, being aware of it doesn’t change it. Action has to follow awareness. And so you seek help, hopefully. Help as a verb is obviously an action state. It takes you to someone who gives help. “Helpen’ and “helpan’ are Middle and Old English origins of ‘help’ respectively. These verbs convey a contribution to the fulfillment of a need, or the achievement of a purpose.

I really love what and how I contribute. Basically I spend my days making it easier for someone to do something easier, or improve a situation or challenge. And Reiki allows me to do so without strain or depletion, and in a way that liberates the person being helped to be self-reliant, independent and self-governing after the help takes hold.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. Learn more.

Needing and getting help

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