Working with Pamir 

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I receive many wonderful testimonials. These provide the best window into what it's like to work with me. Please take look.

Let me tell you about the healing power of Reiki. You go for a consultation, you leave and you have a clearer mind, and then you get that intuition that there is a way out of the darkness, a tingling hope awakens in you, but that's only the beginning.


If you don't come back you miss the whole thing. There's so much coming your way, you can never imagine it's possible. But it is.


Coming for Reiki is such a blessing, it's such an incredible experience. You might feel something while receiving it or not, that really depends. Sometimes you're so tired you just fall asleep, that's ok! You need a break, who doesn't? But you feel all the wonderful effects once you walk out the door. I'm a living proof of that.


Everything starts to make sense, things start to fall into place, you start coming up with brilliant ideas, awesome solutions, a way of coming back to life.


It seems unreal.


You start to heal from the inside, you start to heal without knowing it. It awakens within you that inner power you didn't know you had, or thought you had lost somehow.


It's there, all that light. It's there and you feel it, you see it and you live it. It's hard to express in words what a miracle Reiki is.


Pamir, you are incredible. The power you bring others is outstanding.


So much truth in every Reiki session. What an enlightening experience, I can only say "Thank you!"


You're a great Reiki healer and teacher, and I am so grateful to have you in my life. May the Divine light that's in you shine forever and spread to all. May it be contagious!


— H.A., Weston, Florida

Pamir, Reiki as taught by you, has helped me a great deal both physically and mentally/spiritually. As you know I'm not one to give praise freely, and I am a very reserved person. In this instance, however, I would be happy to recommend you to anyone interested in healing and growth.

V.V., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I decided to learn Reiki I to help me deal with recurring headaches that I was unable to cure. I found Reiki I so stimulating and exciting that I continued with learning Reiki II. The ability to help myself as well as others has been extremely rewarding. I am most pleased with having found Pamir as my Reiki Master. His insights, faith, gentleness, and understanding has lead me to becoming more spiritual.

H.P., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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