Reiki Training Classes

Meditative, wisdom-based Reiki classes in the Japanese tradition of Usui Sensei
at Oasis Reiki Dojo as taught by Pamir Kiciman

To receive complete information about training classes in the spiritual practice of Reiki,
Click to Contact Me directly. Reiki classes are ongoing.

A Homestudy/Online version of the regular program is available too.

"All my senses have been heightened. Smell, Taste, Hearing, Sight and Touch. People, who know me, said that I had a glow about me and that my face looked different, there was something about me. There was, I had been blessed with the gift of Reiki....The most incredible change is that after 15 or more years I am no longer taking antidepressants. I could not have done this without your support."
  — D.C., Boynton Beach, Florida

Reiki is a highly-effective teaching for personal spiritual development, that can also be used as a vibrational healing art for self and others. I focus on the founder, Mikao Usui's emphasis on spiritual development, which leads to healing.

To find out more about Usui Sensei's original, Japanese Reiki teachings, visit the Reiki Primer.

The Usui teachings, which are not available in Western branches of Reiki, help clear your vibrational pathways, increase concentration, remove 'mind chatter,' sensitize you to and help differentiate subtle frequencies of spiritual power, leading to healing and awakening or enlightenment.

The first step is a consultation. Prepaid registration is required and there are some instructions you must receive before the training.

I look forward to hearing from you at 954-661-HAND (4263)
or via email to set up your consultation.

Why choose Oasis Reiki Dojo and Pamir Kiciman?

Reference-Quality Manuals:

You receive a Manual in every Reiki Class for each Level of Reiki. I write all Manuals and update them as needed. These are detailed, comprehensive Manuals which will support you far into the future. Apart from all the necessary Reiki information, there's advanced material that's designed to accompany your own growth.

Lifetime Support:

If you're in one of my Reiki Classes, you will always have access to me. This is really important. I meet so many practitioners who aren't able to contact their teacher to ask questions, get coaching or Reiki healing and help. This is unfortunate and it really doesn't have to be this way.


Beyond just support, I believe mentoring is crucial and vital. I invest in each student with multiple resources. Reiki is layered learning. Spirituality and healing are a continuous journey! A teacher isn't there only for the duration of a Reiki Class, but as your own layers ripen, your Reiki teacher can bring you more and more understanding and maturity in your practice and life.

Extensive Blog Posts and Archives:

My Reiki Help Blog has been published without pause since 2007! It's a rich resource of all matters Reiki, meditation, healing, spirituality and related subjects. I post regularly and there are tons of archives as well.

Monthly private Reiki Dojo event only for practitioners who train with me:

This is a monthly gathering to create community, bonding and give support to each other, as well as enhance our understanding and practice of Reiki. There are several teachings and methods in Reiki that aren't for public consumption. These events give everyone a chance to practice openly in a like-minded group. We end with global and earth healing, including all healing requests received.

25 Years of Continuous Teaching Experience:

Nothing is better than experience. I've been a Reiki Teacher at a hospital, a college of nursing, I've lectured on Reiki at a medical conference. I've been a Reiki Teacher for 25 years in continuous fashion. I'm also a practitioner of Reiki. I practice the content of the Reiki Classes I teach as part of my own path.

Shoden / Reiki I

Foundational teachings and training in practical spirituality and healing. Ki Meditations, vibrational enhancement techniques and healing for yourself, others, pets, plants and homes. Consciousness and life energy flows through your being and hands; mind, body and spirit are deeply balanced and restored. Learn to be a life-long conduit for the spiritual vibration of the universe.

Course Summary

  • Self-Reiki
  • Reiki for Others
  • Reiki Meditations:
    • Hikari no Kokyu-ho method for breathing Light
    • Gassho Kokyu-ho method for breathing Light through hands
  • Kenyoku-ho method for energy cleansing
  • Additional uses of Reiki: Pets, plants, home, work
  • Mental/Emotional and Spiritual Healing
  • Nentatsu-ho method for healing the subconsciousness
  • Jakikiri Joka-ho method for purifying the energy in objects

and much more...

I used to be a person that worried about everything, and was very afraid of situations changing my life. I feel somehow protected, as if I had a secret weapon that is guarding me for harm. I don't worry, I feel happier, and my work atmosphere that used to be very heavy is now very playful and fun for all of us...."
  — A.V., Miami, Florida

Okuden / Reiki II

A quantum leap into the vast realm of enlightenment, spiritual vibration and healing. Learn about the primordial forces of Earth Ki and Celestial Ki. Embody wisdom and compassion. Reiki Distant Healing. Get to the core of personal issues by working directly with mind, emotions and spirit. Develop intuition to address deep causes, and as a life skill. A training to solidify your healing and spiritual growth path.

Reiki I is a pre-requisite and if you have this training from another teacher please email me or call 954-661-HAND (4263) to set up your consultation and make arrangements for your situation.

Course Summary

  • Learn to work with Earth and Celestial power and the teaching of Oneness or Nonduality (sometimes known as Reiki symbols)
  • Reiki Meditation: Enhanced Reiki I "Breathing Light Techniques" now known as Hatsurei-ho
  • Rei-ji method to be guided in sessions
  • Byosen Reikan-ho method for sensing imbalances
  • Koki-ho method for healing with breath
  • Gyoshi-ho method for healing with eyes
  • Seiheki Chiryo-ho mental and emotional healing
  • Reiki Distant Healing

and much more...

Advanced Reiki Practitioner (ARP)

Advanced Reiki Practitioner is a point of integration, where Shoden and Okuden come to a place of cohesiveness and confident application. It is also a starting point for Shinpiden (Reiki Master). Archetypally, Advanced Practitioner is about becoming a Teacher. Teachers are grown and created and this process starts now.

Course Summary

  • Archetypal model of Reiki: The Warrior, Healer, Teacher, Visionary and integration
  • The Human Energy System and the Subtle Bodies: Etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual
  • The center of one's personal universe: The Hara in detail as a central philosophy
  • The cosmology of Reiki       : Okuden Reiki vibrations/symbols advanced and deepened
  • Saibo Kassei Kokyu-ho: Method for cellular healing and vitalization
  • Chakra Kassei Kokyu-ho: Method for breathing to activate the chakras
  • Movement Reiki: Jiko Joka Healing (self-cleansing healing), and Earth/Celestial Ki balance
  • Reiki Prayer
  • Reiki Personal Power RecoverySM — A powerful energy therapy
ARP includes 'reiju' which is a spiritual energy empowerment much like an attunement. It can be used everytime students and teachers get together and boosts your personal Reiki field.

Shinpiden / Reiki III

An apprenticeship program.

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954-661-HAND (4263)

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