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  • Connects you spiritually.
  • Provides techniques for meditative practice.
  • Creates energetic integrity.
  • Empowers you to utilize the full-spectrum of spiritual energy.
  • Addresses the cause.
  • Has no side-effects or contraindications.
  • Is non-invasive and suitable for every age and symptom.
  • Amplifies the homeostatic response of the body's healing systems.
  • Restores proper mental functioning.
  • Increases experiences of joy and love.
  • Accesses the soul's intuition.
Reiki As Your Own HMO (must take a Reiki class):

A unique feature of Reiki is that it is first and foremost for yourself, making it a resource for spiritual evolution, personal growth, and self-healing and care.

With Reiki you may:
  • Lay your own hands on yourself and create optimum daily well-being.
  • Reduce and remove pain.
  • Respond to accidents, emergencies and crises instantly.
  • Protect yourself from a nutritionally depleted and often toxic food and water supply.
  • Protect yourself from negative energy in people and buildings.
  • Become emotionally strong and mentally adroit.
  • Enhance your creativity.
  • Evolve spiritually.
Reiki As An Adjunct To The Health Professional:

Whether you are an allopathic or holistic practitioner, whether you treat the body or the mind, Reiki is again first a resource for you. Understand that it is drawn from an endless fountain of universal energy, renewing to giver and receiver alike. It is the antidote to burnout.

  • Reiki augments all techniques specific to your field and unobtrusively combines with your routine procedures.
  • A strict, prolonged application is not necessary to see results
  • It creates better empathy and intuitive connection with your client.
  • You will notice more rapid and lasting benefits, with much less effort.
  • Reiki empowers both you and your client.
  • It reduces rehabilitation time, pain and the need for medication.
  • In cases of chronic or terminal illness it brings relaxation and comfort.
  • It buffers the anxiety and suffering of loved ones.

An Overview:

Reiki helps the human condition. Throughout life, you may have different symptoms. Symptoms are simply signs that natural order needs to be found again. Curing symptoms can be merely temporary. Making the human whole again, on the other hand, is a dynamic and ongoing state of balance and harmony.

What are some of the common symptoms people want Reiki to address?

Physical conditions: Back pain. Migraines. Fibromyalgia. Chronic Fatigue. TMJ. Skin disorders. Cancer. Autoimmune disorders. Thyroid imbalances.

Emotional conditions: Low self-esteem. Emotional distance & unavailability. Hot emotions like anger or jealousy. Panic. Fears. Inability to cope. Feeling uncomfortable in your skin. Feeling out of place. Grief.

Mental conditions: Stress. Depression. Anxiety. Lack of concentration. ADD & ADHD. Insomnia. Confusion. Negative thinking. Mental burdens.

Spiritual conditions: Disconnection from self & life. Loss of meaning. Dark night of the soul. Spiritual seeking. Loss of personal power. Soul loss. Not knowing life direction or purpose. Inability to forgive. Fear of death.

This is a sample list. If you don't see your condition or life situation, just contact me and I'll give you a personalized assessment.

Because Reiki is concerned with the person and not the symptom, it can be effective for you no matter what your life looks like, how your body is doing, or how you feel and think.

Reiki is a way of living with wisdom and compassion. Its most significant remedy is that it helps you embrace your innate and natural spirituality.

Research shows that people with a personal sense of spirituality report:

  • Less use of medical services
  • Less minor illness
  • Emotional resiliency in terminal illness
  • Pain reduction
  • Better immunity
  • Accelerated healing
  • Less anxiety
  • Ability to buffer stress
  • Being undefeated by crisis

In other words, spiritual health has a direct positive impact on mental, emotional and physical health. What spiritual health means to you is completely up to you.

Reiki simply promotes mindbody states that support your wholeness and wellbeing, gently balancing and harmonizing you in a holistic and individualistic way.

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