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Pamir Kiciman provides Reiki Training and Healing services to those seeking to make their spirituality and healing power a conscious part of their life. His approach to Reiki is as a path to enlightenment; living with wisdom and compassion, with healing being a natural function. With 25 years in the field, he offers singular quality and knowledge, a lived source, compassionate rapport, and dedication to people. He founded Oasis Reiki Dojo in 1995.

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You may also want to read his narrative bio. He publishes the Reiki Help Blog.

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Pamir Kiciman's YouTube Channel

Videos relating to Role of Spirituality in Wellness, How Reiki Fosters Psychological Immunity, Stress, and more.

Dream Builders Australia

Pamir Kiciman interviewed by Liara Covert, PhD

on the subject of self-transformation.

Sacred Circle Mandalas

Pamir Kiciman interviewed by mandala artist Sue O'Kieffe

about enlightenment, healing, and Reiki.

June 2009
Pamir presents The Healing Power of Reiki at the Platelet Disorder Support Association's annual ITP medical conference. Click here for much more about this presentation.
December 2008
Pamir starts as Featured Voice/Expert Blogger
September 2008
Pamir's Reiki Help Blog earns Successful and Outstanding Bloggers achievement.

July 2008
Pamir holds an all day Reiki share at Barry University's Health Fair, put together by the Division of Nursing
Read about it and see pics on
Reiki Help Blog

June 2008
Pamir holds Reiki Training at Florida Atlantic University's Christine E. Lynn's College of Nursing
Read about it and see slideshow on
Reiki Help Blog

June 2008
Pamir writes guest post for Liz Strauss'
Successful Blog

August 2007
Pamir launches the
Reiki Help Blog

January 2005
Pamir is put on staff in the Healing Arts department of Imperial Point Medical Center as a Hypnotherapist
(see below)

December 2004
Pamir's article "Reiki: The Art of Spiritual Healing" is published both on the N. Broward Hospital District's website, and the print and online versions of the South Florida Hospital News.
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January 2004
Pamir starts comprehensive weekend Reiki Training Classes at this hospital, and sees outpatients for Reiki.

November 2003
Pamir begins monthly volunteer program at Gilda's Club of South Florida, entitled "Interactive Mind/Body Techniques for Wellness." Gilda's Club is a free social and emotional support community for men, women & children with any type of cancer, their families and friends... named for Gilda Radner
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April 2, 2003
Pamir is a guest on "A Higher Path" hosted by Ron Magram.

August 2002
Pamir's article "The Struggles of an Ancient Species" 
is published by the Greater Ft. Lauderdale Natural Awakenings, "a monthly publication dedicated to providing insights and information to improve the quality of life physically, mentally,
emotionally and spiritually."
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May 2002
Oasis Reiki Dojo participates in this all day Wellness Conference. We were kept happily busy with a constant wave of interested people trying Reiki for the first time. Truly a blessed experience for all.

NEWLIFE EXPO: Broward Convention Center, 
Fort Lauderdale April 2002

Pamir gives talk entitled Permanent Spiritual Solutions For Personal and Global Sanity: A strong reminder about collective priorities in the preservation of life. With the earth's population reaching the 6 billion+ mark and the many challenges we have, it is no longer possible to live isolated, irresponsible lives. Using audience participation, Pamir touched concepts that foster spiritual and material sustainability.

May/June 2001
Pamir's article "Hidden Greatness" appears in Miracle Journeys magazine. Having joined with One Heart, the magazine now serves 4 counties in Southern Florida. It is a bimonthly publication "dedicated to relinquishing fear, anger and conflict in order to experience health and inner peace...."
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January 2001
Pamir is interviewed by Stanley Hobish for his radio show The Wizard of Iz, which airs on WGBB 1240AM in Long Island. The subject was of course Reiki.

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November 2000
Pamir and his Reiki I Seminar is featured in the Reporter.
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Pamir's article "Shamanistic Perspectives" is published on the One Degree Beyond website.
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