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In-depth look at Reiki as a healing art and Reiki as a spiritual practice

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Welcome to Oasis Reiki Dojo. My name is Pamir Kiciman and I founded the dojo in 1995. I teach Usui Sensei's (teacher—born Mikao Usui) original material from Japan, and not westernized versions of Reiki.

Oasis Reiki Dojo has been teaching authentic Reiki classes for over 25 years. My focus is top-quality Reiki classes which are available on an ongoing basis. I've been continuously teaching full-time ever since the very first Reiki class I conducted.  

How can Reiki help you? Please read this. It will satisfy most of your initial curiosity.

To learn what it's like to work with Pamir click here (may take a second).

For greater detail about the Reiki experience, go ahead and spend a little time with the audio and PDF of this Reiki Primer.

The Reiki Stories Project is a collection first-person accounts of how Reiki has radically helped many people just like you. Click here and scroll down past the header post to read these personal sharings.

Life feels better when heart and mind, body and soul, intention and action are harmoniously joined. Reiki is a teaching which facilitates this is in a simple, direct way. Practiced a few minutes everyday, Reiki establishes a spiritual and healing worldview, with a deeper anchor in a personally meaningful spirituality and meditation practice.

To receive complete information about training in the spiritual and healing practice of Reiki, please contact me directly.

Pamir Kiciman, Founder and Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist

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PHONE: (954) 661-HAND (4263)
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I specialize in healing, spirituality and conscious evolution by providing Reiki services to those seeking to make spirituality and healing a conscious part of their life. My approach to Reiki is that it's a way of living with wisdom and compassion, not only a healing art, and never a modality. 
In Japanese kanji characters, dojo comes out to mean "a place of the way." In this case the 'way' is Reiki. A dojo is where one is instructed on, learns, practices and deepens the 'way' of those teachings that lead to self-improvement and spiritual development.

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The first section is a quicker overview. Sections II & III are an in-depth look at a broader understanding of this spiritual and healing art.

To understand more about what is involved in learning Reiki, read Reiki Training.

The Testimonials page lets you look at real people, who've had real experiences with Reiki.

Recent posts, archives and subscriptions are available to the popular and informative Reiki Help Blog.

About Pamir and Media Room are the best places to read about Pamir's various activities, credentials and background.

This website has been around for a very long time. To read most recent and extensive writings on all matters spiritual and healing click here to read the Reiki Help Blog. It's been published since 2007.

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"I want to thank you for your guidance, help and availability. If someone asked me who played a major role in my life in 2005 your name, and Reiki would certainly come on top of the list. You have been most helpful in my quest. It has been a life changing experience for me and I am very grateful that you are my Master."

— C.P., Margate, Florida

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