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Reiju is an offering of spiritual consciousness and energy. It’s a spiritual boost, divine blessing, and a matrix of spiritual/healing energy. Reiju aligns any area of your life that you identify as central at this time.

Its intention is that you receive whatever you need for your personal journey. It’s a reminder of your unlimited potential; your true nature, your Divine, Buddha or Christ Self.

Please see below for instructions on how to be added and the date/time of Global Reiju Blessing.

Cherry blossoms

Reiju is going to be available on the dates below. Please go here if you need a time converter.

2009 2010 2011
March 6 Wed, Jan 6
Wed, Jan 5,
April 3 Wed, Feb 3
Wed, Feb 2
May 6 Wed, March 3
Wed, March
June 3 Wed, April 7
Wed, April 6
July 1
Wed, May 5 Wed, May 4
Wed, Aug 5
Wed, June 2
Wed, June 1
Wed, Sept 9 Wed, July 7
Wed, July 6
Wed, Oct 7
Wed, Aug 4 Wed, Aug 3
Wed, Nov 11
Wed, Sept 8
 Wed, Sept 7

Wed, Oct 6
Wed, Oct 5

Wed, Nov 10
Wed, Dec 8

Wednesday, Nov 2, 10 pm Eastern and up to 24 hours globally

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Comments on this page will be open perpetually. After you’ve received Reiju and processed its benefits, please come back here and add a comment. This will deepen your healing and changes. I will respond too. This is important because change and healing move in layers, and often there’s a spiraling effect of associated insights as well.

This is intentional healing. There’s the intention you have for yourself, and the universal intention of Reiju to bless with highest and best good.

At 9:45 pm you can sit or lie down, settle, get quiet and receive.  Put on your favorite relaxing / healing music. We’ll meditate 10 minutes, experience Reiju 12 minutes, then meditate a little more. You’ll know when it’s done for you. It will be about half an hour in total.

If you’re not available, then tune in no later than 24 hours and go through the same steps as above. While you remain on the list and are energized throughout the month, there’s a personal commitment to show up and receive. This commitment makes all the difference and keeps you accountable to your own intentions.

You may also click the image above and let it fill your screen. Gaze softly at the image as it has been charged with spiritual consciousness and energy.

Future dates will be announced here. Please use the form linked to above to submit your name. Please do not add your name in comments below.

I look forward to ‘meeting’ you in the ethers…


About Pamir Kiciman

Teacher of Reiki Classes in the original tradition and Japanese teachings of Mikao Usui (Sensei) in South Florida. Meditation, Healing, and Spirituality training and services.

  • Dear Pamir,
    I am sorry to have missed last night’s healing.
    I do want to remain with the group for future healings.
    Not sure if I wrote my intention or issue originally but here they are:

    1. I desire to release shoulder pain caused by arthritis and rotator cuff injury. I’ll have a procedure for this in about a month.

    2 I intend to deliver my novel to my agent and give it out into the world.

    Thank you for what you do.


  • Thank you, Pamir.

    I was overwhelmed last night, by quite a few things. I actually felt a little down for the first time in several months… and I completely forgot about this until I saw the follow-up email this morning. However, in all honesty, suddenly, at about 10:30pm last night, all of my anxiety simply lifted – for no conscious reason! I went to bed at 11:45, and woke up to go to the bathroom at about 3:30am. While I was up, I had a completely peaceful, enlightened moment of clarity. When I woke up this morning, I was in a fantastic mood!

    I saw your email right before I took a midday break from work, for meditation. Perfect! I feel much, much lighter today, and I’m sure this had a good part in helping melt my anxieties away!

    Best love and healings,

  • You know we’re connected Brother. I feel more grounded today after my trip to Santa Fe over the weekend for the BEEing Attraction Wizards gathering. I am all aBUZZ ;O)

    Thanks for your support Pamir. Let me share…

    What makes me tick is BEEing
    The Gatekeeper of Oneness
    Re-Awakening the Heart’s Natural Love

  • Gayle

    Dear Pamir,
    I am clearing something through my lungs and was grateful for the extra oomph that the Reiju gives me. Each month I tackle a new issue, and like dominoes one by one they are untangling themselves from my belief system, and being released. Thank you for offering this opportunity.


  • @Cris: What you experienced is called “reframing” and it’s essential. Happy for you. 🙂

    @Sue: Once you reach the boundaries of your own heart, you find that there’s a boundless Heart which is a substantial resource.

    @Donna Baier-Stein: Your shoulder healing is on the list. The other one is new to me & you may add it for March. If this procedure for your shoulder is medical, then I suggest that before, during and after it, you setup up some healing with me as this has proven very effective in every case. And I’m not at all shy about announcing each month’s on Twitter, not sure how you missed it, but at least your shoulder is on the list.

    @Angela: What you wrote is exactly why this offering is so powerful and effective. Thanks for sharing those details. Tremendous!

    @David: May you attract your highest heart desires!

  • Susanna

    Dear Pamir,
    I deeply felt the connection to the Reiju. I’ve lost a dear friend unexpectedly and have been touched and saddened. As I went in to the meditation I felt sad for a brief moment and then this Peace, this Knowing all is well all is as it should be came over me. It helped me regain balance, calmness and hope.
    Thank you, Pamir!
    I always look forward to Reiju!
    Lots of Love and Light,

  • Susanna, transitions are never easy but the knowing you mention is a gift.

  • Sue

    Dear Pamir,

    My heart as cracked wide open, and it feels sublime

  • Pamir
    wonderful offering here… and such love & light 🙂

  • Sue

    I kept falling asleep, but I was aware of where I was, and I felt suspended in place and time. And I felt wrapped in light and love. It was quite lovely and quite peaceful. Finding your messages this morning for all of us here in the community was affirming to what I have been experiencing lately. Blessings to you for that.
    It is an honor for me to be a part of the whole, and to have this place each month to experience rejuvination.


  • Thanks Pamir,

    There is a lot of motion in the direction I’ve intended. More than I can list here

    Tuesday night after a concert I felt a cold hit my throat, but I’ve been resting and feeling the healing come through. I have another concert tonight and feel quite strong.

    I appreciate your blessings.

    Bless Bless, David /\

  • Donna Reed

    I found my connection through the e-mail the next day. I didn’t tune in on the 3rd. I received spiritual medicine through the words you wrote and they absorbed into me, mentally and then spiritually. I notice that healing rearranges the way things are and that becomes the way things were and I’m not sure why. Bless you Pamir ( that almost seems like saying bless me) Donna!

  • Susanna

    Dear Pamir,

    As I tuned in to the energy I could clearly feel it in my Heart Chakra…and then I fell asleep.
    The next day I had three clients scheduled, and my thumb didn’t hurt after giving three massages. I was very happy! My thumb still bothers me at times, but it’s much better since the Reiju.
    I feel so blessed to be part of Reiju.

    Thanks you!

  • Sue

    Dear Pamir and all of you here,
    This morning I woke up remembering the first time I experienced reiju. In my meditation I saw hands wiggling fingers at me (among other things), and your response to that was that Spirit was beckoning me to a life that was more in alignment with Who I Am. Today upon awakening, I realized how much of that I have experienced in the past ten months and how close I am to Being There. Of course, it is the Journey.

    Thank you, all of you out there in the ethers who have been part of this experience in reiju, and to you, Pamir, for holding this energetic space for us.

    Many blessings to you all,


  • On the cusp of April’s offering, I wanted to respond to some of the comments…

    @Sue: It’s quite the journey for me to read what everyone shares with me on the signup form privately. The email message last month was moved by all the entries. I remember the first time(s) you participated and how things have brightened for you since.

    @David: May the motion keep up!

    @Donna Reed: We get what we need one way or another…

    @Susanna: Must feel so good to be able to help others and not hurt yourself!

  • Sue

    I approached last night’s reiju in gratitude and felt myself sink into deep relaxation early on. A few times I sensed drifting between worlds, and in that space experienced interaction with other spirit beings. When I focused on my own desire for self expansion, I saw myself jumping effortlessly across a stream; with each leap i landed on the stepping stone in the water without losing my balance. That was a joyous image on many levels! I called it an early evening and slept soundly. I am still feeling peaceful this morning.

    Thanks for holding this space for us, Pamir

  • Donna

    My mamo tests came out neg I am very thankfull.

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  • Laila

    Dear Pamir,

    Thank you for this Well of Spiritual Refreshment
    you most generously offer.
    It´s an oasis where I rest my soul and become
    completely relaxed and renewed.

    Through this gentle but very powerful and vibrating energy
    thoughts are cleared, mind is calmed and I´m
    aligned with my self and ready to continue on my

    From the bottom of my heart, once again,
    Thank You Pamir!


  • Sue

    This is the marking of my first anniversary of receiving reiju every month it has been offered. I have come to appreciate this time and appreciate the quiet, delicate, nurturing energy I receive from this experience. This has been an amazing year of growth and transformation, and I know that this monthly reiju has contributed to my over all healing. Like a traveler in the desert I drink of your waters and go ahhhhh.


  • Susanna

    Dear Pamir,

    Life gets so busy at times, I always look forward to Reiju….my peaceful time. 🙂 I bathe myself in the energy.
    Thank you so much for creating this space for us.

    Love and Light,

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  • Sue

    I was moved last evening by my experience enough to write more about it here:

    Thank you once again, my friend, for all that you do for humanity

  • Laila


    Like Nature yearns, during the dry period, for the relieving sound of rain,
    I come to this moment with a heart of thirst and I bathe my soul in the Well.
    And when I open my eyes again I am completely renewed and refreshed.
    This Reiju you offer is a true Blessing!

    Thank you,



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  • Thank you, very kindly, Pamir.

    I found myself ruthlessly throwing away notes and bits of research that have been accumulating and laying around for 10 years [hides head in shame], waiting for me to sort through them… Well, it was all done in two hours. The pile is reduced to a 10th of it’s size, and this ought to aid my need for clarity.

    I wonder what will happen on a one-to-one session… alas, I have misplaced the mail we exchanged on this, so will ask that you kindly refresh my memory on this possibility. Thanks.

    Have a beautiful month.

  • K

    Thank you very much for sending energy.
    I felt very calm, very peaceful.

  • Namaste, Pamir.

    During Reiju I felt a sense of opening and releasing of heavy energy. The greatest benefit was the next day when I had to be deeply allowing, completely trusting, and let go of what I hold most dear. I was able to be fully present with an emotionally painful situation and move through it with grace and wisdom.
    Thank you, my friend.
    Many Blessings to you,

  • I was amazed at how energized I was after Reiju. Many times in the past I go to sleep afterwards. This month I felt quite alert afterwards. I was definitely better than caffeine 😉
    The following day I decided to disconnect from my television. I don’t know if the two are connected, but it was a powerful act for me.
    Today I am touched by the quotes you sent out. I needed to read them both, and didn’t know it, just like I needed that extra energy. There’s always that lesson to never expect anything (not even the unexpected)
    Deeply grateful I remain…

  • Let me post those quotes for anyone else who visits here because they’re applicable to all:

    You know quite well, deep within you, that there is only a single magic,
    a single power, a single salvation… and that is called loving. Well
    then, love your suffering. Do not resist it, do not flee from it. It is
    only your aversion to it that hurts, nothing else.

    — Hermann Hess


    Can a butterfly see when its wings are complete?
    Do they have a mirror inside their cocoons?
    I think not!
    They have an inner wisdom that says… NOW.
    Butterflies know when it is time to fly,
    So do you.
    Trust your wings.

    — Delores Montpetit

  • Donna

    Bless you!!

  • Susanna Glaze

    Dear Pamir,

    I felt grounded and more peaceful after Reiju. I’m always touched by the loving energy.
    As daily life goes on…………I try to stay connected to the energy and let hope fill my heart.

    Love and Light,

  • I was in my Tai Chi class tonite, with full intention on being part of the Reiju. During the session, I suddenly felt this incredible rush of warmth and energy. It was at that time I knew the Reiju was in process. I'm still tingling from the warmth, Love and Light. Namaste to you, Pamir, and all those who also received Reiju. The feeling of love, trust, compassion and healing, will be with me till next time.

  • Michelle

    thank you. Energy healing has been one of the many things that I have questioned in my extreme disillusionment. Staying with this group (and with others) has been a matter of suspending disbelief and just letting go of expectations. Last night, I climbed on my reiki table (yes the cynic has a reiki room recently set up at someone's desperate request…another adventure) with Anugama's Shamanic Dream playing, called my guides etc, and in seconds felt an incredible grounding. My body was full. Other more personal stuff that I may or may not share later…but thank you. Each step back to a sense of belief and trust is such a blessing.

  • debbowers

    Pamir thank-you so much for the love, light and healing. I was feeling completely drained by late afternoon yesterday and by ten I felt like it was a new day! I am so grateful for these weekly meetings and to start feeling alive again. Bless You!

  • Kathy Tappay Kavluk

    Good Morning Pamir,
    First of all, I slept wonderfully well last night (unusual for me), and I had a night full of very detailed dreams. Is this common from a Reiju treatment?
    As this is my first time, I didn’t really know what to expect…I just tried to keep my mind & heart open, & observe.
    Calm, stillness & a quietness that came deep from within, a gentle warmth in the heart area & flashings of beautiful pink light in my mind’s eye were what I experienced. The third-eye images passing through were very plentiful & vivid. Blessings & gratitude for the Reiju & for
    being who you are 🙂

    • Hi Kathy! Yes, a good night’s sleep and/or vivid dreams are quite common. The rest sounds just right. Glad you had such a wonderful time and you came here to say so!

  • Thank you Pamir, again for a very special moment!
    This monthly Reiju you offer has become such natural and integral part of my life, that I don´t want to be without.
    Every time I feel relaxed, renewed and so full of Love and that state of being remains long after the moment itself ended.
    It is simply beautiful!

    Much Love to you Pamir, for offering and holding this space for us, again and again….♥

  • Susanna

    Hi Pamir,
    Again thank you for offering Reiju. I always look forward to it. I feel so peaceful during and after Reiju. My heart chakra feels open and soft.
    In Gratitude,

  • Stephen

    Hi Pamir, During Oct’s Reiju I felt the influx of Reiki energy and an energetic encasing sensation. It has been very trying times for me lately and it was a nice reminder to just be, and to allow myself to receive. As a Reiki practitioner I know when the healing is deep there is a tendency to knock you out. My girlfriend and I both slept afterwards right on the wood floor! Thank You ~ Stephen

    • Trying times seem to be going around to everyone. In a way this is exactly why we’re here now. We have to rely on our practices to keep us in balance.

  • November 8 is a Monday, Pamir. Do you perhaps mean November 3? That’s this Wednesday…I ask because you usually have the Reiju the same night as my once a month First Wednesday drum circle I go to in Allentown…? Thanks!

  • Dance Commander Miami

    You pack quite a punch Pamir!! Last Night I was at a meditation and discussion group and I felt the waves of Reiju envelope me about 10 min before ten, did you start early last night? I was truly just listening to the discussion and peoples’ thoughts at the group and effortlessly responded from my being, like answering a koan! The group ended at 10 and when I got home Ysee and I sat down to continue receiving and the waves of Reiju were like heavy magnetics waves that encased me and brought on the beginning signs of Samadhi. Ysee had quite a wild experience but I’ll let her tell you. My intentions have become more and more refined and universal (non-dual) from month to month. Thank You!