Oneness is a universal truth. As such there are many ways to understand and experience it. The previous post gives some perspectives on this deep-down truth. Oneness can be understood as the substratum of all there is. From that foundational layer, Oneness flowers into a multitude of expressions and experiences.

Spiritual practices are a primary way to embody Oneness.

Oneness is a foundational truth deeply etched in the Reiki teachings, and across all wisdom traditions. In Reiki the practitioner is one with herself, her environment, others (especially when giving Reiki to another), the cosmos at large, Reiki itself, and the Divine. The most accessible felt sense of Oneness through the Reiki teachings is compassion in most cases.


— Pamir Kiciman

Here are some of the ways in which this plays out:

Ki, life force or life energy: Ki can be understood as the animating force that drives creation. Since ki is present in everything, Reiki is always an experience of oneness. Ki is universal, which makes Reiki a universal experience. We touch everything when we practice Reiki because of the presence of ki.

While ki as energy connects us with everything, Ki as a set of universal qualities does the same. Divine wisdom, compassion, power, and light are intrinsic to life and accompany Reiki with every application. Therefore Reiki is always an experience of being at one with life.

You can learn a lot more about Reiki and ki in The Action of Ki in Reiki.

The Hara: This is a one-point. It’s single and whole. The hara gives the mind a home; gives emotions a ground. When thoughts and emotions are flighty, the hara allows a sense of oneness by grounding them. Otherwise thoughts and emotions which are wispy, multidirectional and often rapid tend to take us to places that aren’t helpful to us.

Refer to these two detailed posts about the hara for the above to make much more sense:

The Hara: Sacred Center and The Hara: Seat of Enlightenment

Breath: The breath is reliable, rhythmic and even. It’s always there. It’s common to all life. Even oceans and single cell organisms ‘breathe.’ The flow of the breath connects us to everything. Breath is the very expression of life.

Hands-on Reiki: This is an experience of oneness because it addresses all levels of being: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This is the case when giving Reiki to self or others. The palms are the major outlet for Reiki and since this involves the flow of Ki (both as energy and universal principles), a natural oneness is available in this application and experience.

Reiki is also a great way of making the heart whole. When the emotional heart is healed and the spiritual heart is developed, oneness as a basic truth is embodied with ease and understanding.

Refer to Wisdom and Compassion as the Path in Reiki for a thorough understanding of how Reiki is a practice of universal truths.

Practical Reiki Applications: Reiki’ng food and water creates oneness with what you ingest. Reiki’ng pets and animals creates oneness with other life forms. Both of these generate the understanding that ‘other’ is in form only, never in essence, because there’s only one Life.

We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.


— Thich Nhat Hanh


Oneness in Spirit and in the World

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Reiki and Oneness

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