Healers have been active at least since the beginnings of recorded history. The literature of medical anthropology as well as cross-cultural studies show that virtually all non-Western societies and most of the non-Anglo communities in the United States still use some form of indigenous healing that lies outside the realm of traditional allopathic medicine. The fact that the art of healing has been in existence for so long attests to the underlying belief that healers have special abilities to use their consciousness to help others.

— Frank Lawlis, Ph.D.

Fortunately many indigenous systems and others have been studied and documented, honoring and legitimizing the Healers of the world through time. The healing way is living from a healing place inside and being a holder of a healing worldview. Central to the healing way is the Healer. Today, however, the village has become global and the tribe is now nonlocal. What the Healer heals and how has shifted, together with global shifts.

Here are some of the ways in which the Healer manifests, specifically in relation to world events, rather than personal healing:

  • The Healer is calm and even-minded.
  • The Healer is nonreactive and grounded.
  • The Healer sees below the surface.
  • The Healer takes the long view.
  • The Healer works with symbols.
  • The Healer is a diviner.
  • The Healer knows the course of events.
  • The Healer never wavers from healing.
  • The Healer is constant and patient.
  • The Healer is heart oriented.
  • The Healer’s Heart territory is expansive.
  • The Healer lets all events dissolve in the Heart.

From this dissolution the new emerges.

It can be hard for the human side of the Healer to know and feel that all the spiritual qualities s/he is radiating are making any actual difference. Discouragement and/or burnout can set in if outward evidence of healing isn’t seen. Large scale, rapid change isn’t the way of the world, although that can happen too. The Light Healers share definitely adds up, is stored perhaps, or shifts things imperceptibly. A lot of times, it’s not known how and where the healing “work” does good. And then it surfaces all at once, often in multiple places at once.

It has to be realized that these phenomena are happening in epic cycles that the mind can’t truly grasp. The best approach is to simply practice, for the sake of practice. Practice is for practice. It’s not for gain or world transformation. The world changes because we practice, not because we practice to change it.

The demands on the Healer in modern life are different and more strenuous. The world is now complex and intense.

Here are some ways to stave off any overwhelm:

  • Treat signals you receive as information only. They are data, that’s it.
  • These signals are not entering your mindbody in any way, not becoming part of your subtle body either.
  • These signals are merely insights for you to understand and help in a more precise way.
  • For it to be true healing, it has to be sourced in universal power and compassion.
  • If it sources in your own heart, that’s limited and can be quite frail/fragile.
  • Your heart is part of the equation, but not all on its own.
  • It relies on what comes THROUGH you.
  • If you rely only on what comes FROM you, it spells trouble.
  • If you relate while healing from emotion only, transfer is inevitable.
  • If you relate while healing from pure feeling, an informational matrix, then Spirit can do its work and you are free.
  • The healer has to be a warrior with a strong spiritual backbone.
  • The better your conduit, the better you can help.

The essential element in not yielding to overwhelm is to be in Big Heart, come from Big Heart and let Big Heart heal.

For additional thoughts on the Healer, read here and here. Please also share your own thoughts regarding this matter in the comments section.

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Overwhelm and the Healer

2 thoughts on “Overwhelm and the Healer

  • 03/12/2011 at 12:30 AM

    This is an interesting post, and I appreciate the opportunity to comment on it. You say “the human side” of the healer. This is a great quote. It speaks to the problems with most healers; we believe we are not human! The litany of qualities you describe are virtually super human. Naturally, these are qualities many people aspire to, but in many cases it results in its own kind of ego strengthening and a lot of the pain healers experience. This idea that we are somehow special or different than other people and must therefore not engage with lower emotions and feelings. Fact is, healers are normal people. Everybody has healing powers. Humans feel anger, sadness, grief and only truly heal these things by embracing them. But I’ve met far too many healers who use a spiritual healer ideal as a false image and therefore deny their true humanity, which is all of us in our farting, giggling glory. This is not to say I support indulging in the darkness. But I see too many healers doing the opposite.

    • 03/12/2011 at 12:51 AM

      Welcome Seth. I truly don’t believe the qualities I listed are super human. They’re real and available. And they’re available to everyone. We’ve plateaued with the reduction to a “farting, giggling” human. It’s time to embrace our full humanity and that includes all there is, not only our frailties. Healers are normal people, and normal people can have the qualities listed. And normal people are healers. Of course some training, a commitment and certain orientation help tremendously.

      I’m not an engineer for instance. I don’t have that kind of brain. It seems valid to me to affirm where I’m good. It’s not about “specialness’ but specialty. You’re right about doing shadow work. That has to be done. And yes, denial doesn’t work. These qualities have to be lived.

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