Today being the Summer Solstice, it’s time to share another one of  the messages I’ve received from the natural world starting around 2002. This one is more from the cosmos, but it interacts with us right here on Earth. For a Summer Solstice meditation, click here.

© Pamir Kiciman 2010

The Sun

I am the Sun. I give warmth and light to many planets. I nourish and feed and I have a lot of power left in me to last a very, very long time. I’d like to continue to serve the Earth, its Nature, creatures, humans, waters, trees and plants. It is up to humans to save and preserve so that there’s a purpose for me, so that I can continue to warm and provide light. This is the order of things. I rise in the morning and I set at night. I warm an entire section of the universe and I give light to it. I continue this cycle every day. For me to continue this cycle, there must be a good reason.

Preserve all species on Earth. Preserve your way of life as it has been lived on Earth for centuries. Help me do my job and fulfill my purpose, for I am the Sun and I am here to serve.

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“Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth,
‘You owe Me.’

Look what happens with
A love like that,
It lights the Whole Sky”

— Hafiz

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Teachings from the Natural world — The Sun
Weekly message of supportfor this time of a global health crisis

This is the choice point we’re facing collectively. There’s a way to heal through our dilemmas. The Earth herself has wounds, as does humanity. Oneness is an ancient truth we must now adopt as our new narrative to heal. Oneness has always been Earth’s and humanity’s narrative. What’s needed now is its embodiment. Our task now is to permeate social, political, economic and scientific systems with it. A united Earth can step into a possible future that’s now emerging.