The immune system consists of about a trillion cells called lymphocytes and about a hundred million trillion molecules called antibodies. Reiki boosts the immune system.

This complex system patrols and guards the body against attackers from without and within, regulating susceptibility to cancers, infectious diseases, allergies, and autoimmune disorders. The organs of the immune system include the bone marrow, thymus, lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, appendix and certain tissues in the small intestine (Peyer’s patches). These are known as the lymphoid organs as they are involved with the development and deployment of lymphocytes, the white blood cells that are crucial to the healthy functioning of the immune system.

I wrote this based on years of working at a local hospital as a Reiki Master Teacher. Both at the hospital and privately, I’ve worked extensively with people living with cancer and the side-effects of the medical treatments they undergo. An article I wrote for South Florida Hospital News explains more about this —  Click to read.

Today there are multiple “stressors” that negatively affect the immune system: age, viruses and bacteria, drugs and certain medical therapies, allergies, autoimmune disorders, malignancies, immunodeficiencies, environmental toxins, and even thoughts and emotions.

In a normally functioning immune system, cells that are destined to become lymphocytes are produced in the bone marrow. There are two major classes: T cells processed in the thymus, and B cells which mature outside of the thymus. T cells act as messengers and destroyers against pathogens. B cells secrete antibodies that match a specific invading antigen. In addition there are granulocytes, macrophages and monocytes, all capable of enveloping and destroying invaders. There’s also a strong connection between the immune system and the brain hormonally and chemically, as well as psychosocially.

Using Reiki to boost immunity is a natural and holistic way to energetically stimulate the immune system. Fresh supplies of vital life energy are provided to all major organs of the immune system in high concentrations. This creates a balancing action which is deeply restorative and supportive to the immune system, regenerating it to function at optimal capacity. The immune system is revived and all of its components once again communicate and work as they were originally designed.

Reiki boosts the immune system. To strengthen and balance the immune system with Reiki concentrate on these areas:

  • The brain as the focal point of all bodily organization.
  • The thymus as the master gland of the immune system.
  • Long bones of the arms and legs as sites of the bone marrow.
  • White cell producers: lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils and small intestine.
  • The blood as there are inactive proteins there which act as immune system’s complement system.
  • The skin as a primary boundary, together with the eyes, nose and mouth as entry points.
  • Guided imagery to enhance stimulation, if needed.

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Boosting Immunity with Reiki

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