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On July 30, 2008 I started a new service in the microblogging world by sending out this one-liner about Reiki:

Reiki is living with wisdom and compassion.

Since then Reiki One-LinerSM has gone out to Twitter everyday between Monday and Friday, with breaks of a few days since its inception.

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Here, presented in alphabetical order rather than the order they went out are 50 more Reiki One-Liners:

  1. At the core of anxiety, Reiki is abiding calm.
  2. At the core of fear, Reiki is solid knowing of self.
  3. At the core of illness, Reiki is a bottomless resource.
  4. At the core of pain, Reiki is the presence of love.
  5. At the core of sadness, Reiki is unending joy and comfort.
  6. Reiki activates the dormant divinity in your cells.
  7. Reiki beckons the soul.
  8. Reiki busts hardened habits and beliefs, opening many new possibilities.
  9. Reiki declutters mind space, personal/work space and heart space.
  10. Reiki deepens meaning.
  11. Reiki deepens your consciousness.
  12. Reiki deepens your heart.
  13. Reiki deepens your humanity.
  14. Reiki deepens your relationships.
  15. Reiki expands the accuracy of your intuition and your trust in it.
  16. Reiki expands the heart past personal dramas.
  17. Reiki expands the mind to perceive more than the five senses tell it.
  18. Reiki expands your horizon.
  19. Reiki expands your orientation from personality to soul.
  20. Reiki gives Heart when life seems heartless.
  21. Reiki helps you know who you are before personality and possessions.
  22. Reiki increases the soul’s magnetic power.
  23. Reiki is a celestial waterfall.
  24. Reiki is a cool spring in the heat of trials.
  25. Reiki is a nonphysical umbilical cord between you and the great Mother universe.
  26. Reiki is a series of stepping-stones across the pond of life.
  27. Reiki is Heart solace.
  28. Reiki is spring rain on your weary soul mind body.
  29. Reiki is springtime renewal all year round.
  30. Reiki is tête–à–tête with your soul.
  31. Reiki is the light of the Heart on the pathway of life.
  32. Reiki is the Universe saying “pssst!”
  33. Reiki is the Universe’s 411.
  34. Reiki is the Universe’s 911.
  35. Reiki is the way of the Heart through the pathway of life.
  36. Reiki opens a Heart-based relation with all.
  37. Reiki opens you to your soul.
  38. Reiki replaces neurosis with bliss.
  39. Reiki restores your original codes.
  40. Reiki restores your original power.
  41. Reiki returns you to the divine self-worth of your origin.
  42. Reiki reveals what your name is before you take birth.
  43. Reiki takes you from particle to wave and back to particle at a different location.
  44. Reiki warms the soul.
  45. There’s a truth before and after your lifespan. Reiki will reveal it to you.
  46. With Reiki the Earth finds succor.
  47. With Reiki there are no losers.
  48. With Reiki there is refuge.
  49. With Reiki you can be like a multi-armed deity.
  50. With Reiki you can converse with Life.
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5 thoughts on “Reiki One-Liner now at 200

  • 06/03/2009 at 4:49 AM

    Hi Pamir. “Reiki expands the heart past personal dramas.” Ah… how much this is needed these days! I can see how much Reiki means to you by reading these one-liners. You are singing appreciation. 🙂

    Davina’s last blog post..Mindful Melancholy

  • 08/02/2009 at 12:28 PM

    Hello Pamir,

    They are great, simply talent plus wisdom put together.

    Thank you for doing this, I sometimes have a feeling or a thought but can’t put in simply meaningful words, and here they are the Reiki-one liner!!

    Feels good when I read one and say, oh yes that is exactly what I was feeling about Reiki.

    Thanks for taking the time, they are awesome!

    Much love and light,


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