What does it mean to be a Healer? The Healer is first a unifier. This can be at a political level or in the psyche. When it comes to healing, old definitions no longer fit. Definitions are broadened or altogether discarded. Why? Because the Healer personifies change. Change, and spiritually it’s more about transformation; change of shape, the shape of how you see yourself, the world, the cosmos.

chakras lotus paintingThe Healer represents an inclusive model. At its highest, this means that there’s an embodied realization of the Oneness of All That Is. This is a state of enlightenment. But it need not be other-worldly. At the social level it means including other. Of course this can only be engendered by the solid knowing that life is from One, undifferentiated source where there is no separation. This meta-level knowing must also be turned into healing action where other dissolves.

Let’s look at the Healer outside the confines of a healing context for a moment. Can anyone be a Healer? Yes. Anyone who has integrated and embodied a non-materialistic worldview, and this informs their understanding is a Healer. If you see the person in front of you as being six feet away, someone other and separate, if you highlight your differences in age, gender, race and social standing, then it’s a fragmented, dualitistic worldview that only leads to a limited embrace, very quickly threatened by ‘me and mine’ positioning in the frail mind.

Can you accept that the person in front of you reaches beyond the limits of his or her skin? Can we grow our understanding to know that they are not contained in their skin or defined by it, that the space between two people is illusory?

In reality, that is non-material reality, there’s a common ground of connection and unity between two people which is the Healer’s domain. In that domain we share humanity, resources, power, love, burdens and life.

The Healer’s worldview also comes into play in the relationship between human and Nature, which includes all its systems and life forms. The predominant approach is that the world outside of us is just that, outside! It is yet again, other.

Whether human or environment, when viewed as other the responsibility of kinship is so easily and callously discarded. The natural care of the heart is shut off and we enter destructive patterns of dominance, consumption and profit.

Just as we’re dependent on every single human that cohabitates this planet with us, we’re dependent on the planet itself, and it is dependent on us.

Symbiosis is the Healer’s virtue and strength. To install this lens over the eyes of the heart is the work of love and love at work.

It is love that reveals to us the eternal in us and in our neighbors.

— Miguel de Unamuno


The Healer — Part II

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The Healer

4 thoughts on “The Healer

  • 02/12/2008 at 5:28 PM

    Hi Pamir.
    The perception of a healer is a wonderful topic. Your Divine reflections are heart-felt and emerge from your inner spirit. You may be interested in a series of books written by Lynn V. Andrews about her journey to becoming a unique healer and medicine woman. I wrote a blog post about her here:

  • 02/13/2008 at 9:43 AM

    Liara, my sister is into L. Andrews. The shamanic tradition is definitely a deep well of information on the Healer. Shamanism is the world’s oldest and most continuous form of healing and spiritual living, a way of understanding and working with elemental and cosmic forces. The medicine man/woman was the tribe’s conduit to Spirit, and before the rise of any of the religions, this earth-based spirituality was pervasive. So much so that it penetrated and remains in many of today’s religions, and as a stand-alone teaching to this day.

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