consciousnessThe word ‘energy’ is bandied about so much these days. And it’s highly relevant as energy underlies all of life. It’s important to also understand that there are different kinds of energy. Metabolic energy is what we use to fuel the physical body. There’s psychic, emotional and mental energy. There’s healing energy.

Even if we were to understand Reiki purely on energetic terms, the distinction still needs to be made that Reiki is spiritual vibration, or rather a way to tap into it. What might that be? It’s the all-encompassing, overarching common denominator.

Energy is undeniable and there’s an energetic, in fact vibrational manifestation of Reiki. Before that aspect can be experienced and effective, however, a subtler causal level acts as a backdrop.

This backdrop is nondual consciousness. Nothing has separated or differentiated from it yet. It’s One and all-pervading. This consciousness has no distinctions of subject/object, mind/matter, words/concepts, or space/time.

In this sense, Reiki is a practice to participate in non-ideational consciousness, be informed by it and evolve, with all other benefits condensing from there.

In Reiki terms, when nondual consciousness begins to differentiate, i.e., move into manifestation, it does so in polar fashion. Before going on, let’s identify nondual consciousness and nondual or primordial Ki as being one and the same. Yes, Ki is a form of energy, but it is also a ground state, a grand backdrop.

The two polarities that first pulse out of undifferentiated source are Earth Ki and Celestial Ki. These are primordial qualities and vibrations. In fact everything in creation is created with a blend of these two polar forces.

Fortunately for us, Earth and Celestial Ki are available to be experienced spiritually, mentally and physically, and in the material world. Reiki practice is a simple and direct way to do so.

That we can work and play with these pulsations of pure consciousness makes Reiki much more than a modality or even art of healing. This is the stuff of the universe we conduit and receive. Whether you’re a practitioner or recipient, universal powers are interacting with you.

Being in natural balance between Heaven and Earth is one of the core mindbody states Reiki cultivates.


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Reiki as Consciousness