The Practice of Suiseki Art Stones

The Practice of Suiseki Art Stones

Suiseki is a deep Japanese practice where natural stones formed and worn in certain ways by nature, are recognized by the artist or more accurately the practitioner as depicting a landscape. Noticing and recognizing that a seemingly ordinary rock depicts a natural scene takes a lot of presence. What’s beautiful to me about suiseki is that it keeps us close to nature. It also produces beauty and meaning. Reiki, similarly, increases awareness, beauty and meaning…

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The Reiki Precepts as a Guide for Our Times 

The founder of Reiki, Usui Sensei had a short, simple set of principles or precepts that he wrote down as a guide for his students and future practitioners. Non-practitioners can benefit from the Reiki Precepts too, because they're universal. In Japan these are known as Gokai:

For today only: Do not anger—Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your work
Be compassionate to yourself and others

Brief but packed with meaning. Click through to the full article to find assistance by applying the Gokai in your daily living.

Reiki peace and love to all!