Advanced Reiki Techniques

The only technique that is fully described here is Reiki Meditation (my own creation, not from Usui Sensei).
All the other techniques will be outlined so that you may glean some concepts to help you.
These techniques are fully described in the Manuals and constitute only a portion of Reiki Training.

Reiki Meditation With Level II Vibrations/Symbols

This is a form in development, for your Reiki path may continue to Shinpiden (Master), which would give a radical boost to your spiritual efforts. The sounds/symbols you now have are, however, a very strong start, especially if you are new to the discipline of meditation. These are steps for the beginner.

Set aside a twenty minute period in the morning, before your day begins, and an equal time at night, before you go to sleep. As long as your spine is erect, head and body aligned comfortably, you can sit on a chair, bed or the floor. The surface must not be too yielding, and although posture is not rigidly emphasized here, it is one of the aspects that need improvement and attention as you move along. Designate an area and always meditate there. Try to sit at the same times each day. You may face a blank wall or have an altar. When you first sit, do it with great intention and purpose. An invocation or prayer may be offered at the start and finish.

For the duration of your sitting, very gently and slightly turn your eyes up toward the spiritual eye. Meditation is basically a process of concentration, deepening and expansion. Another way to say it is that the consciousness and energy need to be withdrawn from the five senses, to become settled in the subtle centers along the spine, then directed toward the spiritual chakras, establishing oneself in the highest centers in the brain.

Always begin with concentration. Invoke CKR and continue to visualize it as you mentally chant its mantra. Once there is a flow of spiritual current and interiorization of the mind and senses, continue with deepening; invoke SHK and visualize it as you chant inwardly. A greater sense of harmony and equilibrium will pervade your experience. Enjoy that. Feel it. Let it become a part of you. When you invoke, visualize and chant HSZSN feel yourself open up to Spirit. Apart from total peace, you may have an experience of illumination and presence. In this expanded state continue to sit with awareness. Keep the eyes and attention gently at the spiritual eye. Feel the Divine coursing through you.

Take moments between the sounds/symbols to savor, and sensitize to what is happening. Technique has less to do with success than your attentiveness to that Sweet Presence, although without technique it is difficult to detach from sensory conditioning. When all three phases are done, leave time to be in the company of the spiritual Reality. This is the Source of your being, your very existence. Honor It and feel the Great Love in which you live.

This is only a basic form to get you started. Gather your experiences in Reiki meditation and bring into it everything you know about Reiki. You will develop a solid meditation practice by following your own lead and inner guidance.

Reiki Prayer

Prayer and silent, spiritual meditation go together. There are many types of meditation, guided or self-applied, used for specific purposes; personal growth, health, emotional well-being, accelerated learning. To erase spiritual ignorance, however, we must practice a form of sitting, silent meditation as described above and in all perennial wisdom traditions. It is the surest way to commune with the Divine.

This type of meditation is receiving from God. Prayer is sending to God. Prayer can be a petition, asking for yourself; intercession, asking for another; confession, asking for forgiveness; lamentation, asking for fairness; adoration or devotion, expressing love, honor and praise for God; thanksgiving, a perpetual state of gratitude; invocation, calling forth the Divine Presence; and declaration, making a firm statement of truth. It can also be directed (specific) or nondirected (surrender). However, prayer is a profound and personal experience and there are endless ways in which to pray. 

One of the best times to pray is when Divine contact has been made at the culmination of a period of sincere meditation. When we pray we take essential, pure thoughts and feelings, beyond words even while using words, and give them as gifts or offerings to the Source of our being. We use all our internal power (love and will) to so touch this Great Being as to change the fabric of life.

What Reiki can add to prayer is its special way of increasing and moving ki, life force. The power of this method is derived from the effect Reiki has of energizing thoughts, feelings and visualizations and increasing their vibration so as to lift them to the spiritual level. The prayer we generate at the level of our bodily earth existence, is sent to the level at which prayers are answered in a vitally charged way.

Reiki Personal Power RecoverySM (RPPR)

This is a step by step technique that encompasses Reiki on the subtle bodies. It is a strong energy therapy and needs to be respected as such. The client's situation and response will modify each application. Work on the subtle bodies can be done within each Reiki session, whereas RPPR is an entire session on its own. You will develop an understanding that lets you know when this technique is appropriate.

RPPR utilizes an altered state of consciousness (ASCanother term is "nonordinary state of consciousness"NOSC) so easily accessible with Reiki. For this technique and ultimately for healing to be successful, the dominance of a limited, only-matter-is-real, externally focused consciousness has to be surpassed. For the client to consider, feel and eventually experience the rich content and dimensions of his or her being, for unhealthy intangibles to be recognized and released, the consciousness and vision of possibilities has to be expanded.

The overall concept of RPPR is the management of personal power or energy. Not the physical energy that is the fuel of all activities, although that is included, but energy in the sense of the quality and condition of vitality, the heart's harmony, the mind's focus and the soul's illumination.

A personal power deficiency, seepage, or total unavailability is so common that healing could be essentially defined as the reclamation and proper distribution of personal energy and power. The soul is all-powerful. We are born with this power intact. What makes it a power is the soul's knowingness of its own nature: worthy, loved, joyful, beautiful, creative, limitless, a piece of God, a divine design originated in truth and Light.

However the karma game is that the soul continues to evolve and participates in the universal plan through physical incarnation. It has been doing this for eons. Each incarnation collects karma (literally action; every action has a consequence, good or bad). These karmic seeds sprout in future lives and determine certain aspects of those lives, but the seeds are reversible, transmutable and completely governed by personal choice. In other words, we have total power over our life and destiny. To activate and apply this power is what the spiritual path is all about.

It is a process that can be baffling, painful, and heavy. Yet the soul and God are always with us at every twist and turn. Since our true nature is the nature of the soul, all the aspects of our being belong to the soul. Therefore personal power interruptions could be called "soul loss" or the "loss of soul parts." Soul loss can happen at any age, under any circumstance.

When a soul part (or any part of our psyche or soma) is lost, stolen, denied, abandoned or abused, it creates an energy and power deficiency in our overall system. Either the fragmented part takes a certain unit of power with it, or some of our energy continues to be fed to it, even though it no longer serves a purpose. So there is this disembodied entity that either needs to be brought home, or released completely and transmuted. Otherwise it literally causes serious problems in the availability and management of personal power. Are you in full possession of your entire presence? Healing is the ability to change consciousness. It is the consciousness of disempowerment that has to change first. Choice is the switch that controls our energy. Once choice is aligned with harmony and wholeness and we dispense or preserve our energy with higher, discriminative will, then consciousness can be refined and stabilized in a new, healed state.

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