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Becoming involved with Reiki was a transition for me from the literary and dramatic arts, to the spiritual living and healing arts. My schooling and work were in literature and theater. I loved the creative side of life. Being absorbed in a novel, and especially being on stage were peak experiences for me for a long time, and very rewarding.

It wasn't until much later that these interests no longer seemed to contribute to my life. There had been a tug all along that simply hadn't been fulfilled in all those years, and it kept tugging. I had stopped growing. I wasn't happy. Life was bleak and difficult.

Then it happened. Hurricane Andrew ripped through South Florida and the tremendous fear it created broke my stuckness, created an opening, and initiated radical changes in me.

It's difficult to put into words what happened next. Over the course of the next few years, I was granted major divine interventions in a series of synchronicities. I stopped reading fiction. I quit the stage. My days were totally dedicated to personal growth, meditation and self-healing. I immersed myself in education in the field of spiritual living and the healing arts, both experientially, and through serious study and training.

One of the teachings I trained in and studied was Reiki. It happened to be something I could also, pass on to others. All of the ways I'd been shown, transformed me in a profound manner. I had proof in my body, mind and spirit that spirituality and healing are the answer.

So it was a natural choice for me to share all I had learned, with the main vehicle being Reiki. I founded Oasis Reiki Dojo for the purpose of bringing spirituality and healing to others, and through them health, happiness and success.

It has been a thrilling 21 years. I feel that contribution is a great way to live. In my field contribution is built-in and for that I'm grateful. To be able to give and receive, to bless and be blessed, to heal and be healed, to love and be loved is a priceless gift. My work allows me into the lives of others to share humanity, receive their stories and help people live their best potential. This is really a unique privilege. And from individuals I'm able to touch families, whole groups and society at large.

This is well exemplified in the comments of a student, several of whose family members have also become Reiki-trained. I'm humbled and inspired by such comments:

"You are truly a gift to humanity. In my eyes, you make a difference on Earth and your presence here is not casual. Thank you for the thousandth time for being such an important part of our lives, in the name of everything and all you do."

I really need no other reason to keep doing what I do.

My work takes on a dimension beyond me. It becomes service, with the domino effect of good will, peace and wellness.  It also provides me ample time to truly enjoy my son, as well as my other interests.

I sit in appreciation...






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I serve the spiritual growth and healing needs of South Florida. Broward and Miami-Dade are the primary service area, but I will travel to all locations and have Online/Homestudy Reiki Training classes as well as Reiki Distant Healing services available.

Because I've been teaching top-quality Reiki classes for 20 years, people come to me from all over South Florida. The locations closest to me are Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Dania Beach, Plantation, Hallandale, Aventura, Pembroke Pines, and Miami Beach. 

Oasis Reiki Dojo was established to make the powerful yet practical spiritual and healing art of Reiki widely available. I'm dedicated to helping people explore healing and spiritual growth in the truest sense, and to being a clearing-house for the diverse information available today in the field of mindbody health and spirituality. Beyond this, it is an ideal of Oasis Reiki Dojo to be a nonsectarian forum, supported by which the individual can embark on or enhance their search for truth and find an answer to spiritual yearning.

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Other Services:

Spiritual Counseling and Coaching

No matter what our personal orientation may be, there is a well of spiritual truth that is a benefit to all who will partake. This level of truth is non-threatening and is the source of all beliefs, philosophies, religions, teachings and spiritual paths. Whether one has knowledge of it or not, it is the balm for all ills, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Truth is not restricted by creed, dogma, belief, or even science. Rather, it informs the whole of life. To live centered in universal truth is to live as we were meant to. In fact, when this truth is practiced and assimilated, it leads to a natural evolution, personally and globally, and a greater experience of well-being. It helps us to shed negative conditioning and memories, self-diminishing thoughts and actions, as well as unnatural ways of being. It leads to whole-being-health.

Coaching is a natural part of teaching and being a professional ‘helper.’ I’ve been coaching folks through all of the 18+ years I’ve been in practice. 

To understand more about how Reiki heals and grows a person, take a look at: Quick Facts.

Custom Ceremony

Being a nondenominational minister I understand the importance of ritual. All of life is filled with ceremony and ritual, even mundane activities. This makes life richer and more meaningful. There's of course a certain level of ceremony which has the power to set a course for many years to come. These ceremonies are life moments of cherished choices and directions we may take. Sometimes known as rites of passage, they have many forms such as newborn, puberty, marriage, elder, memorial, and even less conventional such as a divorce ceremony (why not part as friends, with a spiritual blessing?).

I also perform house and land blessings or cleansings. Anything can be blessed. Being on a spiritual path, and cognizant of the healing needs of our times, many of us also gather for ceremonies of Light.

Whatever the occasion, my specialty is in designing and writing a ceremony for that particular event, and in harmony with the energy of those involved. Each one is somewhat unique and gives a chance for the participants to also contribute. Please via e-mail or call (954) 661-4263 if you would like to discuss this.

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